Testing Options

GP or other clinics

There are a number of places other than HNE Sexual Health where you can go to ask for a check-up for sexually transmitted infections.

These include your GP (you can search here for a GP near you), a family planning clinic, or Aboriginal Medical Service.

Private online and telehealth testing options

There are several options available for you to have an online or telehealth consultation from home then test at a pathology service. Some of these services involve a payment. Cost depends on whether or not you have Medicare. These are privately run services and are not affiliated with HNE Sexual Health.

For more information, visit their websites:


MyCheck is a new fast, easy and convenient telehealth service offered by HNE Sexual Health.

Test at a pathology service near you without needing to attend the clinic.

To use MyCheck you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be an existing Pacific Clinic or Taree Sexual Health client  
  • Have NO symptoms

See NSW Sexual Health Infolink to find out more about MyCheck, and contact us on (02) 40164536 or request an appointment.

Other ways to test from your home

The following tests are screening tests only. If you have a positive result, see your doctor or clinic to organise confirmatory laboratory testing.

Dried Blood Spot Testing

A Dried Blood Spot (DBS) test is free and easy way to test for HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) from the privacy of your own home. Just take a few drops of blood from your finger, mail the test back and get your results by phone, text or email.

Find out if the DBS test is for you, and order your DBS kit through the DBS website www.dbstest.health.nsw.gov.au/

Dried blood spot testing does not test for any other infections other than HIV and Hepatitis C, see your doctor or clinic if you would like a full sexual health check-up.

The Rapid HIV home testing kit 

A self-test for HIV is also available across Australia and does not require a Medicare card. This device is now available in selected pharmacies. It only tests for HIV, not other sexually transmitted infections.

HIV acquired in the last 3 months may not be detected by these tests. Please consult with a doctor or clinic if you think exposure was possible during this time.

Don’t forget about STIs,
they won’t forget you!

see your doctor or clinic if you would like a full sexual health check-up.

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